2017: THE ENTIRE YEAR You Make Travel Happen

Just about the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to visit more. It’s right up there with eating better and visiting the gym more.

And, like so a great many other resolutions, that one starts with the very best of intentions and motivations but often fails.

When asked why, a lot of people constitute some reason involving money and time. They ran out of time, life got truly in the way, they forgot to require time off, work got too busy, they never saved enough, couldn’t look for a cheap ticket, yada, yada, yada.

Tomorrow may be the day to hit the fitness center, quit pizza, read more, or find that cheap visit to Paris.

But, when you dive deeper, you usually find people don’t continue because they’re too afraid to commit. They half-checked flights, looked up some hotels, and perhaps even visited a bookstore to get a guidebook. However when it came right down to purchasing the trip, they hemmed and hawed and said, “I want to think about it just a little. Maybe tomorrow.”

In the end, change is hard. Getting away from your safe place is hard. It requires dedicated mental energy.

Turning a dream right into a reality can elicit sort of “ohh f%%k, that is happening” moment. There’s always a variety of excitement and fear. “Yes!” to carrying it out but also an “uhh, what did I get myself into?” feeling.

The next you get your plane ticket, there’s no heading back. You’re going. You’re locked in.

Soon you’ll maintain a place you understand nothing about, where you understand nobody, and (maybe) don’t speak the language.

The truth of that stops more folks than you imagine from hitting “Book Now” because they aren’t sure they are “ready.”

Now, I understand that you, dear reader, have a feeling of adventure. You’re scanning this blog, right? That is probably not your trouble.

But time and/or money? These exact things probably worry you.

Someone literally asked me within an email the other day: “Why do people still think travel is expensive?!”

When I read that, I screamed within my computer, arms flailing, yelling “Right? Why indeed? That’s such an excellent question! I still can’t figure it out! It drives me insane!”

With the blogs, magazines, apps, travel hacking websites, and deal sites out there, you’ll think the persistent myth that travel is expensive could have started to fade by now. Nonetheless it remains. It’s hard to eliminate for the thousands of people who was raised in age “travel = expensive hotel/resort vacation.” For the other millions in countries that are simply getting the purchasing capacity to consider overseas travel, travel is very much indeed still an extravagance.

And luxury is synonymous with expensive.

However, there are travel deals at all times if you know where you can look. 2016 saw some incredible cheap fares, and 2017 is shaping up to be no different. (There are several crazy $400 USD round-trip flights to Europe at this time.) Additionally, the sharing economy has only grown recently, enabling you to bypass the old travel gatekeepers, and connect to locals for a cheaper trip.

So today, I’m likely to get you somewhere on the planet. I’m likely to show you the trick to finding an inexpensive vacation so that you can start 2017 off right rather than back out of your resolution. Ready?

First, head to among these websites: The Flight Deal, Holiday Pirates, or Secret Flying. Search for a cheap flight to a location you want to head to.

Second, book a flight. Lock yourself right into a trip. Don’t worry about other things. I promise you everything will continue to work out. You can worry in regards to a hotel, what things to pack, day-to-day expenses, time off, how to proceed, etc., later. Those ideas don’t matter and there are many methods to cut those expenses! Worry about the logistics later.

Third, well, that’s all there is to it. There is absolutely no third.

Once you make the commitment by investing in a flight, the rest is simple. Again and again, I hear from travelers, “I was so concerned about my trip. I built it up in my own head so much and begun to fret about all of the ‘what ifs,’ but once I acquired on the road, everything fell into place and I wondered why I was ever worried at all.”

I understand it appears scary to take the leap, particularly when you are by yourself. I know it usually is unnerving to perform out of your safe place. It’s basically this cartoon below, right?

Best description of the 20 seconds of courage challenge that @SteveKamb discusses. #20secondchallenge #nerdfitness December 20, 2016

The easy act of hitting “go” takes mental work!

But I’m here for you personally. This web site is a virtual hand. I’m here to take the leap with you together. To be there to reassure you on the way, eliminate your fears, answer all of your questions, and offer support. (Plus, we’ve a whole community of individuals that will help you too!)

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