21 Amazing Restaurants from My Road Trip Over the U.S.

During the past five months, I’ve driven over 12,000 miles on my cross-country book tour. I visited over 40 cities and ate a huge selection of meals of varying quality: some were good, some thankfully very forgettable, and others of “OMG I could die happy now” quality. These meals – whether in a high-quality sushi restaurant or a hole in the wall – showed me how delicious and diverse the meals in the us is.

In the end those meals, listed below are my top 21 favorite restaurants in america where you could get delicious, high-quality, and affordable food. If you’re road-tripping in the united states or simply visiting these cities, make sure you pop into among these restaurants.

The Daily Kitchen and Bar (Richmond, VA) – This place serves large-portioned salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and healthy dishes from a mostly organic menu. The meals is of top quality and uses local ingredients when possible. With an agreeable staff, large, open windows, and a patio terrace, it’s an ideal place for lunch on a sunshiney day.

Tupelo Honey (Asheville, NC) – A lot of people recommended this spot to me, I had to check it out. As the prices were a lot more than I wanted to invest ($12 for the normal dish), the meals and service were worth the splurge. On the weekends, the crowds come, so be sure to make it happen early. They are well-known for their Bloody Marys and country soul food. I loved my Super Southern Breakfast Bowl with beans, grits, eggs, and bacon.

Little Bread (Miami, FL) – Recommended if you ask me by a reader, this shop serves Cuban-inspired sandwiches. Cheap, filling, and yummy, the meals produces a satisfying lunch. The service is a bit slow when it’s busy, but I love to think that’s because everything is manufactured with love.

Acme Oyster House (New Orleans, LA) – Located off Bourbon Street, this tiny and dark restaurant fills up quickly (expect a line) with patrons who’ve come for the famous oysters. These meaty Gulf oysters are served on the half shell, or even better, try them charbroiled – they are cooked to perfection. Skip their Bloody Marys though; they aren’t that good.

City Grocery (Oxford, MS) – If you’re searching for a classy, upscale meal in a location with a wine bar and an enchanting setting, have a look at City Grocery. The meals is tasty, well portioned, and beautifully presented. Although prices are not affordable (meals with wine will cost you $40), the meal was worth it.

Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous (Memphis, TN) – Supposedly the very best barbecue in Memphis, I liked the no-nonsense ordering: there’s no dithering here, and the staff is blunt. The meals comes fast and in large portions, with amazing rice and beans. My pal and I ate two racks of dry rub ribs that just burst with flavor. I possibly could have even gone for a third rack, but my pal talked me from it. I’m not sure I will have listened!

Gus’s Fried Chicken (Memphis, TN) – Besides looking just like the chicken place in Breaking Bad, this restaurant served the very best fried chicken I’ve eaten in my own life. The juicy, moist chicken with battered skin bursts with flavor in the mouth area. It’s freaking amazing! In addition they serve delicious fried green tomatoes and pickles.

Catalyst (Missoula, MT) – This can be the best breakfast place in Missoula, with huge portions at incredible prices ($7-10 for a primary course). Each meal is actually two (so you’ll have leftovers), plus they have an array of hot sauces to add spice to your meal. You must eat here should you be around. Get the Heap or Breakfast Burrito. These were my two favorites.

Marché (Nashville, TN) – This popular brunch spot (you’ll look for a long wait on the weekends) serves very traditional breakfast and brunch food (bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc.). The simple menu provides superb quality, which explains the wait. For a good, satisfying breakfast, Marché may be the spot.

Granny’s Gourmet Donuts (Bozeman, MT) – Though I don’t normally eat donuts, this place came so strongly suggested I had to try them. I’m glad I did so. Not only will be the donuts cheap (75 cents), they are sugary heaven! The strawberry donuts tasted as though sent from above. I ate four. My only regret is that I did so not eat even more.

Fong’s Pizza (Des Moines, IA) – Recommended if you ask me by a user on Twitter, this restaurant surprised me the most on my trip. It’s an Asian-inspired pizza parlor. You wouldn’t think Crab Rangoon, Kung Pao Chicken, or Hunan Beef pizza will be good, but you will be wrong – it’s phenomenal. So may be the potato skin pizza. Holy moly! With a large number of options to select from, this restaurant serves a food combo that just shouldn’t work but does. I am hoping they open a branch in NYC!

Five on Black (Missoula, MT) – Healthy lunch bowls at an acceptable price. It’s a “build your own bowl” place so that you can pick from a rice or salad base, various meats, sauces, and toppings with a Mexican flair (No, it’s nothing like Chipotle…OK, perhaps a little). The restaurant was crowded each and every time I went. Make sure to try the mango BBQ sauce.

The Wandering Table (Spokane, WA) – A low-key restaurant serving a little menu but extremely delicious food. I loved the trout. There’s a thorough wine menu, and the bartenders could make a really trusted old fashioned. While I finished up spending about $30 for my dinner, it had been worth the splurge.

Tony’s Crab Shack (Bandon, OR) – This little seafood shack was among the best stops on the tour (Thanks, Yelp!) and serves inexpensive Pacific oysters ($1.75 each) and fish tacos so yummy they typically go out! My friends and I kept ordering, not because we were hungry but because we couldn’t cease eating. You can aquire beer and wine here too, and the staff is super friendly and talkative. An excellent little place!

Naan-N-Curry (SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA) – I walked into this place since it was across from my hotel and I was craving Indian food. Choosing the closest option ended up being a wise idea. When tables filled with Indians are eating at a location, you know it will be the true stuff. ( Note : I take advantage of this as a barometer for some ethnic food. If a location is filled with folks of that ethnicity, it’s probably legit.) The naan was bigger than my face (and only $1), and the curries came in large portions and were spicy and filled with flavor. I’m no Indian dietitian, but this is damn good. Among the best I’ve had in quite a while.

The Old Siam Thai Restaurant(SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA) – After surviving in Thailand, I’m quite picky about my Thai food. Nothing in america really compares, and I’m always filled up with disappointment. However, this restaurant was among the best I’ve had outside Thailand. The traditional menu was as near what you’d make it happen. Strongly suggested for Thai food lovers.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Kansas City, MO) – Trying BBQ restaurants was something I tried to accomplish normally as possible. When I pulled into KC, I was told again and again “Head to Joe’s!” therefore i did…twice. Everything everyone said about any of it was an understatement. While they’re well-known for their Z-Man brisket sandwich, I came across their pulled pork to be the very best. Toss on gallons of their BBQ sauce and I could understand why everyone keeps coming here. Expect long waits.

Tilt (Portland, OR) – Serving gigantic portions of burgers and fries, this bar comes with an deck and industrial vibe to it. The meals is delicious and the bar includes a wide range of micro-brew beer. Don’t like beer? The bartenders make mean cocktails too. It’s among the best hangout spots while I’m around.

Dan Tana’s (LA, CA) – Among the oldest Italian restaurants in the town, this place used to be frequented by Frank Sinatra. A little place with dark wood paneling and checkered tablecloths, it looks straight from the 1960s, with an extremely traditional (and expensive) menu. The meals here is divine, exactly like your imaginary Italian grandmother used to create. It’s full every evening, so make sure to make reservations.

Sushi Ota (NORTH PARK, CA) – This is the very best sushi I had within my trip. The toro (fatty tuna) melts in the mouth area, the uni (sea urchin) bursts with flavor, and the live shrimp continues to be moving when you do eat it. The master chefs could keep serving you food until you inform them to stop. That is traditional Japanese – you take in the sushi just how it is devote front of you – and is easily among the top five sushi meals I’ve had in my own lifetime.

AMERICA comes with an abundance delicious food everywhere. My road trip barely scratched the top, but if you also visit these cities or travel in the united states, these r

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