24 Things Every Solo Female Traveler Learns on the highway

Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes our regular column on solo female travel. It’s a subject I can’t cover therefore i brought her to cover topics and specific issues important other women travelers! In this month’s column, Kristin reminisces on the lessons learned from traveling solo.

“You’re going around the world on your own?! Are you sure?”

You’ve heard it before, right? A person who means well and tries to talk you out of traveling solo, mentioning all sorts of things that could fail.

They could be pretty convincing, focusing heavily on the negative – but completely forgetting there are so much more positives which come from travel. How about all the things that could go right?

There are things that only solo female travelers reach experience (things that just don’t happen when you’re traveling with another person). It’s such as a club that just about anyone will get into but few find out about. But for those folks who’ve done it, we realize that it’s much less scary as we thought, plus much more rewarding than we ever truly imagined possible.

Traveling the world solo has taught me many lessons and made me realized there are a few truths you merely learn when you travel the world solo:

1. It’s a lot more exciting to get one of these new food on the far side of the world – and discover that we absolutely think it’s great – than it really is to visit a swanky restaurant back.

2. An exotic dish somehow tastes better whenever we eat it with this hands. With this shoes off, while sitting on to the floor.

3. Being in a hammock on a tropical beach, watching the waves roll in, whether all on our very own or surrounded by new friends, will probably be worth the mosquito bites.

4. We are able to say “hello” and “many thanks” in more languages than your fancy car has gears.

5. Using a kid in another language is more warming than all of the designer sweaters on earth.

6. Folks are beautiful everywhere, atlanta divorce attorneys shade, shape, and size, and there is no singular beauty standard.

7. There is absolutely no greater rush than investing in a plane ticket to a location that people alone want to see and that people alone chosen.

8. It really is sexier to have significantly more stamps in a passport than watches and fancy purses.

9. A sugar rush is somehow sweeter when we’re sitting in Europe eating a chocolate croissant with a complete day of adventures before us.

10. It doesn’t matter what someone is wearing, where they’re from, or what their checking account looks like. If indeed they can carry a smart conversation halfway around the world, we’re more than pleased to keep hold of their every word.

11. Espresso does indeed taste better in Italy, and Panang curry does indeed taste better in Thailand.

12. Knowing what it appears like when sunlight sets over the ocean on the far side of the globe is worth a lot more than all of the Instagram likes on earth.

13. The Facebook news feed will be a lot less interesting whenever we have a whole day of adventures before us, without plans, no obligations, no strings attached.

14. Maybe makeup and hair products and straighteners and Spanx aren’t all that necessary, and we look fantastic just just how we are.

15. The heartbreak later will probably be worth the fling the following and today with this beautiful stranger with an accent from a long way away and the promise of an adventure.

16. Having the ability to say “yes” without needing to check in with anyone first feels so damn freeing and satisfying.

17. Having the ability to say “no” without fretting about offending anyone or feeling obligated feels a lot more powerful than saying “yes” sometimes.

18. We’re braver than we thought.

19. We’re with the capacity of doing things a year ago could have terrified us.

20. No classroom anywhere will ever be considered a better learning environment than going it alone on the highway.

21. No boardroom, appointment, or house party where we don’t know anyone will ever intimidate us again, because we realize what it’s prefer to go solo to a country where nothing at all is familiar and everything is new. And we handled it just like a boss.

22. There have been a few blunders and “learning experiences” occasionally, but we’re better off for them.

23. Out out of all the things we learned, primarily we’ll understand that we are capable people with an improved understanding of how exactly we match the world now, and that’s a thing that will be good for the others of our lives.

24. When the trip has ended, we’ll remember these exact things that only we realize, and what we’re with the capacity of – and probably start researching plane flights again.

We solo female travelers understand that traveling alone can be an amazing gift. It offers us an opportunity to develop our confidence, make each of the decisions about where you want to go and what you want to do, and become the CEO of our very own lives and adventures. This confidence and ability carries over into our day to day lives long following the trip has ended.

Our loved ones’ fear and misunderstanding of it’ll probably always exist. Rebuffing a few well-meaning but uninformed remarks just includes the territory. You could show those naysayers by example how wonderful it usually is.

In the event that you haven’t yet traveled solo but actually want to find out who you are and what you’re manufactured from, visit the other side of the world on your own and prepare to be amazed. Don’t let anything hold you back – you deserve to start to see the world by yourself terms.

Kristin Addis is a solo female travel expert who inspires women to visit the world within an authentic and adventurous way. A former investment banker who sold most of her belongings in 2012, Kristin has roamed the world for a lot more than five years and visited over 70 countries. You could find more of her writings at Be My Travel Muse or on Instagr

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