A Visitor’s Guide to the Sedlec Ossuary Bone Church (Updated 2020)

Officially referred to as the Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church is a Roman Catholic chapel situated in Kutná Hora, a few miles beyond Prague in the Czech Republic. The chapel to as the “the bone church” for reasonable: it includes over 40,000 bones displayed in a variety of piles and arrangements through the entire small chapel. There are bones on the walls, bones hanging from the ceiling, bones piled in massive heaps, bones used to produce a chandelier. Bones, bones, bones!

The church was made in 1278, when the church’s Abbot, Henry, visited the Holy Land and, after returning, he sprinkled some earth from the Holy Land around the church, rendering it a holy site. From then on, the cemetery in Sedlec became a favorite burial site for all those in Eastern Europe. According to legend, a blind monk began the procedure of stacking the bones in the chapel around 1511.

In 1870, František Rint, a woodcarver, was utilized by the church’s landowners to place the piles in a few type of order. They wanted something symbolic of the impermanence of life and the shortcoming to flee death.

Since that time, it’s turn into a popular spot with pilgrims and travelers alike. What used to be an off the beaten path tourist spot is becoming massively popular within the last few years with plenty of bus group now making their way from Prague to the church.

It’s a bit dark and grim, however the chapel is really quite beautiful. The downstairs chapel is fairly small. Only a singular room with bones lined everywhere. You enter down a staircase and boom, there you are! Nothing more to explore! It’s fine before you. A handout is provided which means you know very well what you’re looking at. In addition, it carries a history of the church too.

Upstairs, you can view the stark modern church using its beautiful dome and some displays and photos about the region and the church itself.

If you’re going to Prague, the Bone Church makes an excellent half-day trip. There’s really very little to see there. For the most part, visiting the church takes about one hour.

To help make the trip worthwhile, I also suggest visiting other activities in Kutna Hora, a lovely town that appears like Prague’s historic center – but without all of the people there. It had been an enormous silver mining town in the centre ages and rivaled Prague in its grandeur. Though it’s much less great since it is today, you may still find some beautiful buildings, churches, and views around the town to check out it! You merely need a couple of hours.

Ways to get to Kutna Hora

Trains depart from Prague’s main place every two hours. The trip takes about one hour and costs around 100 CZK each way. This is actually the easiest and easiest way to access Kutna Hora. You don’t have to purchase your tickets beforehand. You may get them the day you would like to go. There’s always a lot of room.

The bone church is situated Barborská, 284 01 Kutná Hora, +420 327 512 115, kostnice.cz. Open seven days weekly, 363 days a year (it’s closed on the 24th and 25th of December). Admission is 90 CZK for adults, 60 CZK for students.

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