A Year in Review (And a Needed Break)

As dawn broke upon this year, I was excited for a brand new start. This past year, I dealt with anxiety attacks and anxiety from dealing with way too many projects, a breakup that left me heartbroken, and a mini-identity crisis from settling down.

But that “greatest worst year of my entire life” set the stage for a year where I shifted my priorities and centered on developing routines. On an individual level, this was a good year.

I cut my travels in two.

I now love getting up, opening my fridge, and making breakfast.

My anxiety attacks have died.

I read far more.

I drink less and cook more.

I joined a gym.

I developed routines.

And, while my insomnia isn’t gone, I’m beginning to sleep better.

But no year is ideal.

I replaced one addiction (traveling) with another (work). On the highway, it had been easy to fill a day with exciting adventures. However now that I was home, that which was I likely to do?

I did so the thing I knew I possibly could default to: work.

And I worked at all times.

I annoyed my team on the weekend by sending them work. I released more digital guides and published a fresh edition of my print guide, How exactly to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

We changed the site’s design. I did so two speaking tours. I ran three tours.

And, along the way, I burned myself and my team out.

As this season ends, I’ve come to understand that while I love the stability in my own life, I quit the one thing I needed most by slowing: time.

Time to understand languages and begin hobbies. Time to learn and relax. Time to explore NY. Time to date. Time to accomplish whatever the hell Personally i think like doing.

While I’m better at managing time, I still have way too many projects going simultaneously. As my pal Steve recently explained, “Matt, I acquired tired just hearing what you are really doing. I can’t imagine what’s it prefer to do it.”

There’s a particular irony for the reason that, while I preach the need for creating time in your daily life for what you would like, I haven’t followed my very own advice.

The simple truth is I’m a workaholic. I have already been since I was a youngster. I used to pull 60 hour weeks within my 9 to 5. I don’t understand how never to work.

I believe that’s why I really like as an entrepreneur. It’s easy to always create projects and build stuff.

But I take it too an extreme: I simply work. And work even more. I write, I blog, I start new websites and initiatives.

But I have to stop that. I have to free up time. The common life is 29,000 days and, as I barrel closer and nearer to the statistical halfway point of my very own, it’s time to live a far more purposeful life.

Therefore, as I am off to Thailand and New Zealand through January, I’ve made a decision to have a mini-break from blogging. In reality, while the anxiety attacks have died, the conditions that created them still haven’t gone away.

I have to focus on that.

This past year was a revelation. This season was a realization:

This new me continues to be a work happening.

A very important factor I loved relating to this year was that I finally got offline whilst travelling. I didn’t bring use me. I allowed myself to totally benefit from the places I went. I didn’t rush off to find an web connection or get bothered if one didn’t exist. I’d like more of that. It creates me love and appreciate travel.

When I’m doing that, travel isn’t work.

This is simply not among those “omg blogging is indeed much work so I’m going for a vacation” posts. I intend to still write and become on social media. That is going for a step back and racking your brains on where to find balance.

I’m not looking for work/life balance.

I’m just looking for balance generally. I would like to stop feeling like I’m 5 minutes away from an anxiety attck.

While there are two big community announcements to arrive January (We’ve been focusing on them for months plus they are freaking awesome. They are made to get people together in true to life and discuss travel.), new blogs will be few in number until I return from New Zealand.

If this past year taught me to remain put, this season taught me the necessity for balance. Multitasking can be an illusion, and settling in a single place made me realize precisely how easy it really is to fall into “the busy trap” of modern life. The web, using its 24/7/365 schedule means, without proper restrictions, it’s easy to provide it your 24/7/365.

And that’s wii habit to have.

2018 is a year of focus. It’ll be the entire year of stepping out of “the busy trap.” It’s time to understand to state no to things I don’t love and reclaim the world’s most limited and precious resource: time.


On your final note, many thanks for everything. You each is amazing and I’ve enjoyed your emails, letters, and random run-ins on the road! Thank you for arriving at all of the meet-ups! This community rocks ! and I anticipate seeing and meeting more of you in the brand new year. Thanks for always being there. Have a happy holidays and an incredib

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