Aarhus Travel Guide: What things to See, Do, Costs, & Methods to Save

Aarhus is a university town situated in Jutland, Denmark’s western province. It’s an extremely small town and there’s not really a lot to “do” here that could keep you here for days and days like Copenhagen does. However, I came across that to be the effectiveness of the city. It’s quiet. There are a great number of parks to wander through (the main one near the university is particularly peaceful). There’s an excellent music scene, and lots of cheap food because of a thriving community of poor university students. Aarhus is an effective calming contrast to busy Copenhagen.


Top 5 What to See and Do in Aarhus

1. Aarhus Art Museum

Host to 1 of the world’s oldest collections of Danish art dating back again to 1750, this museum provides an awesome selection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Adult admission is 120 DKK, nevertheless the museum is 90 DKK for anybody 18-28, and free for all those under 18.

2. Dyrehaven

Known commonly as ‘The Deer Park’, that is an awesome spot to catch a glimpse of fallow and sika deer, together with wild pigs. A brief stroll from downtown, this park is a wooded area that provides a peaceful afternoon amongst flora, fauna, and wildlife.

3. Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By identifies the “old town” – an aggregation of 75 historic buildings from the 16th to 20th centuries that serve as an open-air museum. Visit a number of the shops and restaurants, especially the period-appropriate ones!

4. Legoland

An enormous town built out of Legos…why not? Aarhus is where Lego originate and over 40 million Lego blocks are used within the park to show various scenes from all over the world. You’re never too old for Legos. If booked beforehand, tickets are 280 DKK for children and 300 DKK for adults.

5. Aarhus Cathedral

This cathedral goes back to the finish of the 12th century. It really is both longest and tallest of Denmark’s cathedrals. The within is quite austere but creates a feeling of calm and peace. I must say i think it’s great.


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1. Clausholm Castle

Built-in the 1690’s, this castle is among the oldest Baroque estates in Denmark and features many unaltered rooms. I recommend taking a tour of the place. It’s quite majestic. Admission to just the lands is 50 DKK, while usage of the park and the castle is 90 DKK.

2. Helsingor Teater

The oldest theater in Denmark features regular performances through the summer. Tickets start around 100 DKK for adults, and can upsurge in price the closer you can the stage. There are discounts for students and anyone under 25, aswell.

3. Bülow Duus Glassblowers

A glassblowing workshop and store, this place can be an awesome sightseeing destination in addition to a great spot to purchase glasswork. Craftsman are create blowing glass on huge kilns and so are more than pleased to make conversation and answer questions. Different things to look at.

4. The Aarhus Festival

Occurring between August 26th to September 4th, this festival is probably the largest cultural events in every of Scandinavia. An incredible showcase of both local, national, and international artists. Art and entertainment are available in a huge selection of bars, galleries, and shops, all around the city.

5. Catch a movie

The Aarhus Students’ Film Society regularly screens movies, so if you’re a film buff you’ll want to look at their program. Tickets for non-members of the club are 60 DKK.

6. Tivoli Friheden

Made to mimic the world-renowned Tivoli in Copenhagen, that is a favorite amusement park surrounded by forest. Often featuring various art shows and concerts, additionally, you will see clowns, various rides, restaurants, and an open air theater. There’s always something going on here. Entrance to the park is 110 DKK, however if you need to ride the rides aswell then your ticket will definitely cost 235 DKK.

7. Have a mini-historical walk

Leading down from the Moesgaard Museum are some historical trails that head toward the beach. Browse the reconstructed Viking homes, relics and runes.

8. Have a guided bike tour

Guided bicycle tours can be found around the town, usually costing between 75-200 DKK. They often last 2-3 hours and so are the best way to go through the city.

Typical Costs

Hostel prices – Hostel dorms begin at 200 DKK per night. Private rooms with double occupancy remain 1,050 DKK. The caliber of hostels is nice, but there aren’t many around. Since there’s only a small number of hostels in Aarhus, in the event that you plan on residing at a hostel, make sure you book early! my suggested place is:

  • Danhostel

Budget hotel prices – You will probably pay at least 600 DKK for a twin/double room, though there aren’t a whole lot of budget options in the town so book beforehand when you can. The budget hotels in the town are rather basic, so don’t expect anything fancy. You’ll likely have better luck with Airbnb. Shared rooms (i.e., a couch) through Airbnb average 220 DKK per night, while a whole apartment/home can cost you around 510 DKK. When you are traveling in a pair or group, Airbnb is your better budget option.

Average cost of food – If you’re likely to eat out in a restaurant, anticipate to pay around 60-95 DKK for an inexpensive meal while groceries will definitely cost around 320 DKK weekly. Because that is a college town, there are a great number of cheap food options. With so much competition, that is among the better eateries out as prices will be less than in Copenhagen and you’ll have as much variety. Avoid the restaurants by the canal in the heart of town – they are costly and provide towards tourists and businessmen. Be prepared to pay around 40 DKK for a beer when eating dinner out, though if you purchase your own you can cut that price in two. An easy food meal (think McDonald’s) applies to around 70 DKK.

Transportation costs – Train travel across Denmark (Jutland to Copenhagen) costs around 550 DKK. Local trains and buses cost between 20-40 DKK based on just how many zones you cross. The town, being on small side, is simple to explore by walking. Bike rentals, including free bikes, can be found too and that means you have absolutely no have to waste your cash on a taxi. The general public transportation covers all major areas and destinations, too.

Suggested daily budget

350-425 DKK / 50-60 USD ( Note: That is a suggested budget assuming you’re residing in a hostel, eating dinner out a little, cooking the majority of meals, and using local transportation. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, in the event that you stay static in fancier accommodation or eat out more regularly, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

  1. Use a hospitality exchange network – There isn’t a whole lot of budget accommodation in Aarhus. It’s a little town filled with university students. The ultimate way to save lots of money here’s to stay with an area for free with a site like Couchsurfing.
  2. Get yourself a city pass – In the event that you plan to execute a large amount of sightseeing and search for a lot of attractions i quickly recommend you get among the city passes offering discounts and free admission to museums and attractions. It includes free public transportation and free admission to many of attractions and activities in the region.
  3. Purchase your own groceries – In a university town you’ll want to live such as a student to conserve money, and which means cooking for yourself. Budget grocers like Netto and Lidl are excellent places to fill up on cheap eats.
  4. Bring a refillable water bottle – The plain tap water in Denmark, as in every of Scandinavia, is perfectly drinkable. Actually, plain tap water in Denmark is often cleaner than water in bottles! Bring a refillable water and save your valuable money – and the surroundings!
  5. Have a free walking tour – There are lots of free walking tours obtainable in the town, including tours concentrating on the annals, architecture, and art. That is the best way to introduce you to ultimately the region while exploring the town by walking. Tours typically last a couple hours. I love Aarhus Free Walking Tours a whole lot.
  6. Rent a free of charge city bike – Free city bikes can be found around the town, and they are the best way to explore and bypass. All you need to accomplish is insert a 20 DKK coin, that you reunite upon returning the bike. Guided bicycle tours are also available around the town, usually costing between 75-200 DKK.
  7. Camp – There are always a couple camp sites close to the city which can save money if you’re on a budget and miss the outside. Blommehaven Camping, in Marselisborg Forest is merely 5 km south of the town. center. Another options is Aarhus Camping, that is a few kilometers north of the town.

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