Aarhus is a university town situated in Jutland, Denmark’s western province. It’s an extremely small town and there’s not really a lot to “do” here that could keep you here for days and days like Copenhagen does. However, I came across that to be the effectiveness of the city. It’s quiet. There are a great number of parks to wander through (the main one near the university is particularly peaceful). There’s an excellent music scene, and lots of cheap food because of a thriving community of poor university students. Aarhus is an effective calming contrast to busy Copenhagen.


Many people really like an excellent festival. They are an opportunity to let loose, have a great time, and enjoy something crazy.

And the thing more crazy when compared to a giant festival?

A huge food fight.

And there’s nothing much better than La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain for that!

What originated as an impromptu local food fight among friends in 1945 started to be its cultural event – and the world’s largest food fight. Since 1945, La Tomatina has became a yearly occurrence in Bunol, Spain (apart from a couple of years in the 1950’s when it had been banned under Franco). It requires places each year on the last Wednesday of August, and up to 30,000 tourists some to be a part of this massive food fight.


Tokyo is probably the most expensive cities on earth.

But you may still find amazing and affordable hostels in Tokyo where you could stay and decrease your costs!

Like Tokyo itself, the hostels listed below are clean, arty, and also have lots of charm. Many of them are super trendy with beautiful décor. Wi-Fi is standard, and several could have cooking facilities too. Beds generally cost between 2,000 and 5,000 JPY ($18-45 USD) per night. They host events, serve a huge amount of tea, and also have little cubbies you can sleep in.


Songkran is a three-day water fight that celebrates the Thai New Year. It occurs between April 13th to 15th (which coincidentally may be the hottest month of the entire year). Songkran is among the popular festivals not merely in Thailand, however in the world, marking the start of a fresh solar year and is a period of renewal and rebirth.

THE ANNALS of Songkran

The term Songkran is from the Sanskrit language and means the passing of the sun in one astrology sign to some other. The date was originally set by astrological calculations, nonetheless it is currently fixed on 13 April. The united states closes down for the vacation, focusing entirely on the festival and the accompanying holiday rituals.


Most tourists in Bali only ever appear to head to Kuta Beach. I’ve been amazed at the crowds in Kuta and equally amazed at how few crowds there were elsewhere. With so many great places to see on Bali, you’d expect some individuals to venture off Kuta. Few do, therefore you can explore all of those other island in peace.

One underappreciated place you should visit may be the Jatiluwih rice terraces.

Among the top ten what to see in Bali and front and center atlanta divorce attorneys guidebook, these rice terraces are stunning. They provide new meaning to the term green. They crawl up the sides of the hills like steps leading you towards the sky.


Officially referred to as the Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church is a Roman Catholic chapel situated in Kutná Hora, a few miles beyond Prague in the Czech Republic. The chapel to as the “the bone church” for reasonable: it includes over 40,000 bones displayed in a variety of piles and arrangements through the entire small chapel. There are bones on the walls, bones hanging from the ceiling, bones piled in massive heaps, bones used to produce a chandelier. Bones, bones, bones!

The church was made in 1278, when the church’s Abbot, Henry, visited the Holy Land and, after returning, he sprinkled some earth from the Holy Land around the church, rendering it a holy site. From then on, the cemetery in Sedlec became a favorite burial site for all those in Eastern Europe. According to legend, a blind monk began the procedure of stacking the bones in the chapel around 1511.


Hi, I’m Nomadic Matt, a fresh York Times best-selling writer of How exactly to Travel the World on $50 a Day and A DECADE a Nomad and also the founder of the website! Perhaps you have ever thought to yourself among the following:

“How do you find the money to visit? It seems very costly for me personally.” “Where do I find a very good travel deals?” “How do you cut costs on flights, accommodation, and other big expenses?” “How do you plan my trip?” “How do you remain safe and healthy?” “How do you maximize my time?” “I wish to travel more but I don’t know the first rung on the ladder.”


As dawn broke upon this year, I was excited for a brand new start. This past year, I dealt with anxiety attacks and anxiety from dealing with way too many projects, a breakup that left me heartbroken, and a mini-identity crisis from settling down.

But that “greatest worst year of my entire life” set the stage for a year where I shifted my priorities and centered on developing routines. On an individual level, this was a good year.

I cut my travels in two.

I now love getting up, opening my fridge, and making breakfast.


South Africa is well-known for its stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, award-winning wineries, beautiful beaches, and its own lively and cosmopolitan cities. I’ve gone to the united states twice and always leave wanting more. There’s something deeply special concerning this place.

Stretching over 2,800 kilometers (1,700 miles) and home to over 56 million people, you could easily spend months here but still not see everything. Heck, just driving in one end of the united states to the other would take several days.


When people think about Amsterdam, they usually think about three things: coffee shops, red lights, and canals.

And for some travelers, that’s all they’ll ever see.

Young travelers have a tendency to frequent the coffee shops or wander the Red Light District, while older travelers take bike tours, canal trips, and frequent the museums. Then, after 3 or 4 days, they move to their next destination.

I fell deeply in love with Amsterdam in 2006 and also have been back to the town a lot more than five times since that time. Each time I reach explore more of the town and realize the amount of it provides.