Songkran is a three-day water fight that celebrates the Thai New Year. It occurs between April 13th to 15th (which coincidentally may be the hottest month of the entire year). Songkran is among the popular festivals not merely in Thailand, however in the world, marking the start of a fresh solar year and is a period of renewal and rebirth.

THE ANNALS of Songkran

The term Songkran is from the Sanskrit language and means the passing of the sun in one astrology sign to some other. The date was originally set by astrological calculations, nonetheless it is currently fixed on 13 April. The united states closes down for the vacation, focusing entirely on the festival and the accompanying holiday rituals.


South Africa is well-known for its stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, award-winning wineries, beautiful beaches, and its own lively and cosmopolitan cities. I’ve gone to the united states twice and always leave wanting more. There’s something deeply special concerning this place.

Stretching over 2,800 kilometers (1,700 miles) and home to over 56 million people, you could easily spend months here but still not see everything. Heck, just driving in one end of the united states to the other would take several days.


New Zealand is among the most sought-after destinations on the planet. Using its snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers, rolling hills, and copius levels of wine, it’s a destination unlike others.

Saved in the corner of the world, it’s a country that will require some likely to visit. Flights here aren’t cheap, in the end, and the united states itself isn’t designed for the budget traveler.

Yet despite having that at heart, it’s a country I never get sick and tired of visiting. New Zealand will probably be worth every penny in the event that you ask me.


Once portion of the Soviet Union, Georgia is a destination filled with ancient history, stunning landscapes, and a lot of surprises. It’s home to an award-winning wine industry and the cool capital of Tbilisi, that includes a stunning Old Town and vibrant nightlife.

Also to top everything off, the Caucasus Mountains offer incredible hiking and climbing for anybody looking to explore the outside.

Georgia deserves all of the praise it gets. It truly is jam-packed with activities and attractions and is slowly needs to can get on people’s radar. I loved my time there, and my only regret is that I didn’t have significantly more of it (but I assume that’s only a reason to return, right?).


I used to reside in Taiwan for a couple months as an English teacher. I loved enough time there and also have always felt the united states really was under appreciated. So, in that is a guest post by Carrie Kellenberger from My Several Worlds and an expat surviving in Taiwan for a decade, she lists out all of the amazing things you should see and do there.

Every country in Asia is beautiful, but Taiwan is special for most reasons. The folks are warm and hospitable. In March 2019, Taiwan was listed as the happiest place in East Asia.


Singapore can be an expensive spot to visit. There’s no chance around it. The tiny city state is priced in accordance with the United States, that is a many more expensive than its neighbors!

On a little stop-over trip, this isn’t a problem.

But on a big trip through the spot, a vacation into Singapore can elicit sticker shock, and it could turn people away if they’re trying to accomplish the region on the cheap. In the event that you still want to go to this country, though, you may still find many methods to travel around Singapore on a budget.


Every month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes a guest column featuring advice on solo female travel. It’s a significant topic I can’t adequately cover, therefore i brought in a specialist to talk about her advice for other solo female travelers! Here she actually is with another awesome article!

When I believe about the perfect holiday spot for outdoorsy types, Patagonia is pretty on top of the list. This region has gripped me since I first saw photos of it years back, because of those unique, jagged peaks and the incredible color of the glacial waters. It looked pristine and wild. This season I finally surely got to live my dream and visit.


The administrative centre of Colombia, Bogotá was the house to the region’s indigenous people, the Muisca, when the Spanish came around plundering gold and resources, and it’s been the country’s main city since.

Before I went, everyone explained Bogotá wasn’t anything special: dirty, crowded, hard to bypass, and lacking the charm of the other big cities in Colombia.

“Spend a couple of days there and move on,” each of them said.

Well, I spent a couple of days there – and some more.


Melbourne is among the funkiest cities in Australia. From its cool architecture to its robust art scene with hip cafés and music, Melbourne is often considered the cultural capital of Australia. Its narrow lanes, covered in world-class street art, hide beautiful cafés and beer gardens.

The town and I mix well together and it’s the best spot in the united states. With a lot of culture, activities, art exhibitions, and live music, you could easily spend over weekly here rather than get bored.


Back January 2008, I’d just returned from my trip all over the world. I was broke and got a temp job at a hospital. My job was to sit there, answer phones, open the mail, and just generally not break anything as the full-time assistant was on maternity leave. In a few days, I thought to myself “This is simply not for me personally.” Being back a cubicle felt like I was back again to the same spot I left. Just like the last 18 months on the highway hadn’t happened. It had been dispiriting. I needed to be “out there” – that mythical place that was anywhere but home.