From sea to shining sea, america houses a diverse landscape – both culturally and physically. Spending months traveling across its vast landscape gave me a deep appreciation for all my country provides.

After traveling over the continental USA through multiple cross-country road trips (you hardly ever really realize what size Texas is until you drive through. Damn that state is big!), I needed to share a few of my favorite places in america with you. I’ve already discussed the best restaurants and lessons learned, so that it only seems proper to provide you with a list of the very best places to go to in america when you come and travel here!


Boston may be the city of my birth.

So, of course, I’m a diehard fan of the town. It holds a particular place in my own heart.

Boston is a historic city with roots that stretch back again to the founding of the united states. If you ask me, Boston is more a assortment of small towns when compared to a big metropolis city like LA or NYC or Miami. We’re actually just a couple of townies. (Those Boston based movies that show hardcore neighborhood allegiance? They are i’m all over this!)


Tokyo can be an incredible, massive city home to over 10 million people. It’s the administrative centre of Japan and home to several fun, historic, and quirky attractions. From the world’s largest tuna auction and the Imperial Palace to robot restaurants and vampire cafés, Tokyo does indeed have something for everybody.

Whether you’re here for a brief stopover or living here as an expat, you’ll manage to find plenty of methods to pass enough time and get yourself a feel for the organized chaos that’s Tokyo. That will help you maximize out of your trip, listed below are the best what to see and do in Tokyo:


I’ve added an LGBT column for the web site to help make the site more inclusive and discuss conditions that affect some members of our community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the highway, safety tips, events, and overall advice for other LGBT travelers to find the most out of their own time on the road! Again this month is our column leader Adam from who’s talking about the very best websites, apps, and blogs for LGBT travelers.


London is probably the most expensive cities on the globe to go to, sleep, eat, drink, or simply plain reside in. There’s no chance to sugar coat it. London eats into your budget quicker than Homer Simpson eats right into a donut. While there are many methods to visit London on a budget , one of the better ways to spend less in the town is to make use of the plethora of free what to see and do in the town.

When you’re spending so much on food, drink, or accommodation, every tiny bit helps and thankfully you can spend weeks here without ever spending a cent on an attraction. This is a set of 58 free things you can do in London:


“Just how many days are you at the Wiesn (Oktoberfest) for?” the German girl wearing her Bavarian dirndl over the table asked me.

“We’re here for five days,” I replied, putting down my umpteenth stein of beer.

Her face became a variety of shock, disbelief, and horror.

“Five days! That’s crazy! You’re a bit insane, huh?” she said. “You merely need 1 day for the Wiesen. I am hoping you survive.”

And she was right. My friends and I were a bit insane to believe five days wasn’t that long at Oktoberfest. We quickly learned that a lot of Germans come for a day because that basically is “plenty of time at the Wiesn.”


Situated in northwest Nicaragua, León is a college town often overlooked by tourists who stay south, near Granada, Ometepe, and the beaches. However, considering that the region has so much to accomplish, I expected a whole lot of tourists but instead found mostly empty hostels and few gringos wandering the streets within my visit.

I’ll let you know: those absent travelers are really missing out.

León, a city filled up with history, delicious food, outdoor activities, volcanoes, and nearby beaches, was among the highlights of my visit to Nicaragua.


The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is normally dominated by two places: the Amazon-like jungle of Tortuguero in the north and the party/beach paradise of Puerto Viejo in the south.

But traveling the Caribbean coast, there is one place I liked best: Cahuita.

About one hour north of Puerto Viejo on the southern Caribbean coast, it’s a favorite stop for most travelers, nonetheless it is nowhere near as crowded as other spots along the coast. Most travelers go to the national park with the same name. The city is quite small, home to under 10,000 people. It’s predominantly made up of small restaurants and guesthouses – not tour shops and bars like you’d find in Puerto Viejo.


Bonjour from Paris! Today I start my next European group tour. For 14 days, I’ll be taking 12 readers for some of the best bars, restaurants, and locations around Europe.

We begin in Paris, a city I can’t get enough of. My countless visits here never get boring. Walking down its cobblestone streets, gazing at the Eiffel Tower, lounging in another of its parks, and smelling fresh bread and cheese at the markets fills me with joy. It’s like falling in love yet again.

My latest journey to Paris was said to be easy. After my annual visit to Vegas with friends, I was to board a flight, land in Paris, and become relaxing on the Seine before you could say Les Misérables.