Travel is an excellent thing. To quote Maya Angelou:

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it could introduce the theory that if we try to understand each other, we might even become friends

I really believe in travel. Heck, I’ve a whole website and career focused on making people do it more!

But, in the rush to get visitors to travel, we often forget the negative impact of travel on communities and the surroundings. We discuss how travel could be a force once and for all: wearing down social barriers, connecting people, teaching people about life, and themselves but….


A couple weeks ago, I reviewed the movie A Map For Saturday. You may already know, I loved the movie. I acquired in touch with the director/star, Brook Silva-Braga, and fresh from his trip in Africa, he was sort of enough to provide me an interview.

Nomadic Matt: You took your trip in 2005. What made you choose to video tape it? The type of reactions did you can get on the street? Brook: Well I have been working at HBO for some time and the only reservation I had about leaving for a year was what it could mean for my career. So bringing the camera was ways to tell myself, ‘See, you aren’t throwing out your job.’ People reacted well to the camera especially once I learned to hold back some time before bringing it out. In addition, it distinguished me a bit from all of those other crowd but I believe people didn’t really imagine what I was doing would result in theaters and on TV, I was only a guy with a camera.


It’s easy to get lost. To shop around and suddenly end up wondering how you have here – and just why it seems up to now from where you thought you’d be. What wrong turn did you take? Will there be still time to return and begin again? To be the individual you wished to be? To do the items you should do?

1 day becomes a year, which quickly becomes a decade. Before very long, you’re miles from the life span you imagined.

“Tomorrow,” you tell yourself. “Tomorrow, I’ll fix things.”


Bonjour from Paris! Today I start my next European group tour. For 14 days, I’ll be taking 12 readers for some of the best bars, restaurants, and locations around Europe.

We begin in Paris, a city I can’t get enough of. My countless visits here never get boring. Walking down its cobblestone streets, gazing at the Eiffel Tower, lounging in another of its parks, and smelling fresh bread and cheese at the markets fills me with joy. It’s like falling in love yet again.

My latest journey to Paris was said to be easy. After my annual visit to Vegas with friends, I was to board a flight, land in Paris, and become relaxing on the Seine before you could say Les Misérables.


As travelers of the world, we’ve a unique possibility to breakdown barriers, foster cultural exchange, and create a positive effect on communities all over the world. We are able to banish stereotypes of our very own cultures, stimulate the neighborhood economy, and bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Travel could be a life-changing experience – not merely for the destination you are visiting also for yourself. It can help us walk away an improved version of ourselves and with an improved knowledge of the world.